The Hero Teddy (Westworld 2016)


The Hero Teddy (Westworld 2016)

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 "The Hero Teddy" inspired by that worn by  James Marsden as Teddy Flood in the critically acclaimed new age western "Westworld". Originally crafted by Baron Hats Are you a White Hat or a Black hat? Each guest of...Read more

 "The Hero Teddy" inspired by that worn by  James Marsden as Teddy Flood in the critically acclaimed new age western "Westworld". Originally crafted by Baron Hats

Are you a White Hat or a Black hat? Each guest of Westworld is asked this final question before they step into the simulated old western experience. It's an iconic and ancient tell, woven into the silver screen stories of Hollywood's gilded age. Are you the clean and composed hero with a stoic mind and a heart for justice or do you fancy yourself a darker shade of rogue?

Since its premiere, Westworld has quickly become one of television's most popular series. It takes the western genre to another level by provoking questions about reality, good vs. evil, and how our choices shape our lives.

William (played by Jimmi Simpson) is a perfect example of this as he constantly grapples with choosing between being the hero or villain. Cloaked in western dress, Will's guide asks, "There is one final touch. Which do you prefer?" and gestures to two walls.

On his left, a row of pristine white hats, to his right a row of black. This moment is the first of many choices William faces as he travels on his journey of discovery through the park.

Our shop's focus on traditional, timeless hat crafting techniques make Baron Hats a good partner for this series since the plot of Westworld focuses on an advanced people trying to reclaim the past in order to find their future.

We're proud to have made the iconic black hat worn by Ed Harris, as well as James Marsden's brown hero hat and the final black hat Jimmi Simpson donned in the last episode. These bespoke pieces of American craftsmanship are now available to the public.

Each hat is made in the old style, of 100% rabbit felt and masterfully hand blocked in our store. They are also available in 100% beaver felt and for a limited time are available in wool felt. All custom hats are handmade to order and made to the exact specifications as originally seen on the show. Each comes with a leather sweatband, silk lining, and hat box. For a current turnaround time please call our store.

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