The Yuma (3:10 To Yuma)

The Yuma (3:10 To Yuma)

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Inspired by the powerfully dramatic hat made by Baron Hats and worn by Russell Crowe in the instant American Western classic remake of "3:10 To Yuma"

baron hatWe were working on the hats for severalactors on the production of "3:10 To Yuma", when, just as shooting was to begin in New Mexico, Russell Crowe, the consummate professional, and perfectionist (which is why his performances are always spellbinding), decided that he wanted a different hat from the one that was provided to him. He truly realized how important the hat was to his character and to the movie at large, and he insisted on something very unique and memorable. The problem was, they needed something right away. So, working with the amazingly gifted costumers Linda Mathews, Terry Anderson, Tangi Crawford, and Christine Cantella, under the sure guidance of Master Costume Designer Arianne Phillips, and, of course the craftsmanship of Baron's own Master Hatter Mark Mejia, an extraordinary hat was created. Mr. Crowe had a few excellent suggestions when he saw it, and after making a few adjustments, the incredible hat came to life!

We realized when the very first ads came out for the movie that everyone's efforts was well worth it. Mr. Crowe's hat, just as he predicted, developed a personality all its own, giving that extra layer to his character and to the movie itself. And it worked wonders. The reviews for the movie are peppered with words like "masterpiece" and "instant classic". And Mr. Crowe has once again created a brilliant performance for the ages as the arrogant, mesmerizing, amoral outlaw Ben Wade.

Baron Hats is proud to have been a part of what has already become another classic western hat. And therefore we have created this reproduction, which we call "The Yuma", inspired by the original. A hat that has that rare quality to be as modern as it is classic.

The original hat has many unique aspects, including the use of one of the rarest embroidery fabrics ever found. It was crafted in France in the 1930s and only a small roll of it existed. Because there is no other embroidery like this anywhere in the world, it is virtually priceless.

baron hatbaron hatOf course, we couldn't use the original fabric, so to recreate an exacting pattern woven material for our "Yuma" reproduction, Mark Mejia, journeyed throughout Central and South America looking for just the right weavers who could reproduce the intricacies of the original embroidery. This meant not only finding the right mill that had the very rare machines to replicate the fine detailing of the original, but also the craftsmen with the experience to create it. He finally found such a "Fabricante de Textiles" in Mexico. After a number of versions, they finally came up with a reproduction weave that Mark enthusiastically approved to put on our reproduction "Yuma" hatbands.

As part of the movie's story, this special hat needed mystical symbolism, so surrounding the hatband of the original are various American Indian spiritual amulets. Mark went back to some of the same sources so that this hat would be as exacting as possible. Therefore, surrounding the band are specially jeweled genuine turquoise semi-precious stones, hand wrapped and sewn into the fine hand-tooled leather band. Behind them are a row of four vertical gold plated eyelet's. The band is finished in the back with a "crow's paw" fringe, with a hand picked and shaped Abalone shell charm.

(Please note: the original hatband worn by Russell in the motion picture, was made to look as if perhaps Russell's character "Wade" himself had hand-crafted the band to protect himself from "Indian Spirits". Therefore our reproduction is painstakingly crafted to give it that unique one-of-a-kind rough hand-made look and feel).

The hat itself is crafted from the actual block used for the original, and is completed with grosgrain binding on a special pencil roll brim. It's no wonder that everyone who has seen Russell wearing his hat, either in the movie or on the posters, can never forget it. This is truly something special, unworldly, magical and almost eternal!

"The Yuma" can be ordered in 100% Western Weight Fur Felt or the original production 200XXX 100% hand-brushed Beaver. It can also be ordered either "New" or "Aged". The aging process is the same that we used on the original hat.

PLEASE NOTE: Our custom reproduction is made on the original hat block we used to make the one worn by Russell Crowe for the motion picture and has the exact dimensions and sizes in crown and brim.

As with all our custom hats, "The Yuma" comes with our special Lifetime Guarantee, a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, our custom engraved leather sweatband and silk-satin lining.

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest.

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Interested in having the hat in a different color than the original? E-Mail us with your color choice and we'll let you know if we can custom craft it in that color for you.

* Disclaimer: "3:10 To Yuma", is TM and © (or copyright) by Lions Gate Films, Relativity Films and Tree Line Films. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is prohibited. This web site, its operators, including, but not limited to Baron Hats, Inc, and any content on this site relating to "3:10 To Yuma" are not authorized by Lions Gate Films, Relativity Films or Tree Line Films, or any of its related entities. "The Yuma" hat is made in the style of classic hats as are standard in the costume industry. Baron Hats, Inc., is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization, rights of association or sponsorship or endorsement of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by any individuals, or companies mentioned or pictured in association with this offer, including, but not limited to Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Terry Anderson, Linda Mathews, Tangi Crawford, Christine Cantella, and Arianne Phillips or their representatives and assignees, or by Lions Gate Films, Relativity Films or Tree Line Films, or their representatives and assignees.

Hat Specs
Brim EdgePencil Roll - Black ribbon binding
Brim ShapeHand curls on sides- slight dip on front
Brim Width2 3/4"
Crown ShapePuritan Style
Felt Quality100% Western Weight Fur Felt or 100% 200XXX Beaver
Hat Band1 ¼ " special custom band

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