The True Grit


Inspired by the Hats Crafted by Baron Hats for the Coen Brothers'


roosterInspired by the Hat Crafted by Baron Hats for Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn
mattieInspired by the Hat Crafted by Baron Hats for Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross
labouefInspired by the Hat Crafted by Baron Hats for Matt Damon as LaBoeuf
chaneyInspired by the Hat Crafted by Baron Hats for Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney
A Woman's version inspired by our Matt Damon "LaBoeuf"

All hats are custom hand made to order for you on the original blocks made by Baron Hats for the leads (Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Brolin)

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    Each order page also includes rare costume camera tests of the actors, along with fascinating Costumer Designer drawings and Master Hatter notes!
    • THE ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S item! Own a reproduction of the hat made for Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney, but never used in the movie!

    • “Lady LaBoeuf”! A specially designed woman’s high-fashion hat inspired by our "LaBoeuf" and available for custom ordering only on our website.
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roostercuRight up front, let us say that Baron Hats is so very proud to have crafted the hats for the leads in the remake of “True Grit”. Proud, not only because we have worked with so many of the stars in the past (Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin), but because we also made the hat that John Wayne wore in the original classic. (The original "Cogburn" is also available on our website).

Add to that the fact that the movie was written and directed by perhaps the most creative, innovative and down-right brilliant writer-director teams working today: Joel and Ethan Coen; and Co-Executive Produced by another legend, and reoccurring client, Stephen Spielberg.

When we were first approached to craft these hats,tgdamon our thoughts were a bit mixed. At the time, we didn’t know the “players”, only the idea. And to remake a classic is very risky to say the least. For example, one can only cringe at the TV Movie remake of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, or shutter at other feature disasters, like the remake of “Born Yesterday”, or the shot-by-shot Xerox copy of “Psycho” (which always made us shake our heads and say: “Why?!”). It’s one thing to remake classic TV shows into movies (which seems to have a very small batting average of success), or create sequels to hits, (let's not forget the original "True Grit" had its own sequel!), but to take something that has become part of the world’s lexicon, and think you can improve it, seems… "curious", for want of a better word (recent threats to remake “Casablanca”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and “Citizen Kane” truly push the “curious” envelope!).

We had created hats for many other remakes, including Russell Crowe. Ben Foster, Christian Bale, and Peter Fonda (also available for custom order on our website), in the remake of “3:10 To Yuma”. However, as good as that original movie was, it wasn’t considered an “untouchable” classic in the league of “True Grit”.

haileeHowever, as soon as we heard the players involved, we knew that this one would work. For one, as wonderful as the original “True Grit” was, there was some forced casting by a studio a bit jittery about another western in a world swirling in an unpopular war, "Easy Rider" and "Woodstock". Therefore, the casting of Pop singer-songwriter Glen Campbell, and cover girl Kim Darby did make Wayne’s job a bit harder to keep everything on track. Of course his character of Rooster Cogburn was so powerful, and delightfully self-effacing, that he overshadowed (as Wayne usually did) any flaws in the production and of course won his only Oscar® for his efforts.

Interestingly enough, the character of Rooster was supposed to be in his 40’s, yet Wayne was 62 when he did the part, and Jeff Bridges, who had the daunting task to recreate it, was not far behind at 60. The genius of casting (by long-time Coen casting director Ellen Chenoweth), Matt Damon in the Glen Campbell role, and Josh Brolin in a role played originally by well-heeled character actor and acting coach, Jeff Corey, only firmed the foundation of this special project. And the final grace note was the casting of fifteen-year-old, Hailee Steinfeld, a virtual unknown at the time, in the pivotal role of the young Mattie Ross, all of which created a seamless “world” that seethed with authentic realism for the period of the story.

All in all, the Coen Brothers achieved the almost impossible task of not only living up to the classic it was remaking, but in many ways improving upon it. And in fact, also creating a film that was both a critical and financial success (the new “True Grit” is in fact the first of the Coen Brother movies to gross over 100 Million Dollars in the US, and is still going strong in DVD, Cable, Netflix and other streaming video sources).

We are offering custom made versions of all the lead hats from the movie inspired by those designed by Oscar® nominated designer Mary Zophies and supervised by costumer Lori DeLapp, including two great bonuses: the hat created for Josh Brolin, but never used in the final cut, and a very special exclusive bonus: a specially designed high-fashion woman's hat inspired by the dramatic hat worn by Matt Damon which we call the "Lady LaBoeuf".

Also, for the first time, on our order pages we are exhibiting never before seen production photos of the costume tests for each hat, along with Costume Designer drawings and Master Hatter notes!

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