The Art Of Costuming

The Art of Costuming

In Honor of Hollywood's Professional Designers and Costumers

The heart and soul of Baron Hats is our creation of costuming for all elements of the media. And that means we have the unique honor of working VERY closely with the top designers and costumers in the world! We are proud of our very special relationships with these true talents (and sometimes unsung heroes) of Hollywood! On a day to day (and sometimes hour to hour) basis, they are asked by their production companies to do the impossible, and they always come through! They are exasperating, demanding, uncompromising, stubborn perfectionists, who are constantly given inconceivable challenges of time, budget and schedule, and therefore throw at us, here at the Baron Hats Studios, the same inconceivable challenges of time, budget and schedule… and we love them for it!

That’s because we truly embrace an impossible challenge. Maybe it’s because we have such boundless respect for what they do. But, actually I think it’s because we’ve been accused of being exasperating, demanding, uncompromising, stubborn perfectionists ourselves! Which is probably why we get along so well. We’re kindred spirits!

Congratulations to Oscar™ Nominees for BEST COSTUME DESIGN

We're Proud to have created the hats for these wonderful Motion Pictures.

Far Side of the World

Therefore this special “Art of the Costume” section of our website is dedicated to these great men and women, who not only have created so much visual magic on the screen, but who, with their innovative imaginations have shaped the “look” of our generations, constantly changing the way we think, look and dress!

More eras of the history of our country, if not the world, can be traced to the trends set by what these artist create, first in their heads, then on paper, and then with fabric.

They are the true “historical barometer” of yesteryear , the present and the future.

Take a look, for example, at our “Classic Reproductions” , or see some of their amazing history in our “Historical Hat Sizes” and “Historical Production Notes” section to see what we’re talking about!

“The Art Of The Costume” will be a continually updated section. We will be highlighting and profiling the greatest designers working today, along with stories on how they actually go from the writer’s descriptions, to the director’s desires, to the producer’s budget restrictions… to their own drawings, to their working with our craftsmen to create the final product. You get a glimpse of this fascinating world in our ever changing “Costumer's Tour Online Slideshow”.

We’ll also be offering special inside features and photographs of the behind the scenes world of costume design (check out our feature article: “The Art of Hat Illusion” from the motion picture “Seabiscuit”, and the incredible story of finding long-lost craftsmen in the mountains of South America for the special hand-woven hats for the motion picture “Master and Commander”). And we may even reveal a few “magic tricks” and Hollywood secrets now and then (and oh, okay… maybe a little gossip thrown in just to keep you coming back!)artillusion

And to understand just what we here at Baron Hats do to keep these designers happy, check out some of our own behind the scenes features, like “History Recreated”.

Yes, we at Baron Hats… take OUR hats off to the visionaries known as Designers and Costumers. We salute you! And we hope this section does justice to all the talent, hard work and dedication that you continue to give to your craft!

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Examples of Sources We've Utilized to Create Costume Hats


History Recreated

Here's another of the many interesting requests we've received. This one is from the costumer of the motion Picture "Ruby", who had us recreate the gray fedora worn by Jack Ruby during his infamous shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Here's a prime example of how we utilize research to achieve totally realistic recreations. We had a gentleman who was a Abraham Lincoln aficionado request that we make him an exact replica of a hat worn by Honest Abe.

Our client wasn't sure of of the exact dimensions and wasn't wasn't able to find then anywhere. We accepted the challenge and after some extensive research contacted the Smithsonian Institute which had the only known Lincoln hat on display. They we kind enough to measure if for us and gave us the following information:

lincoln hat
The Lincoln Stovepipe Hat in the 
Smithsonian Institute


Front to rear, inside: 7-3/4"
Side to side, inside: 6-1/2"
Brim from underside,front to rear: 12"
Brim from underside, side to rear:10-1/2"
Width of brim: 2"
Height of crown: 8 1/2"
Top of crown, front to rear: 7-3/4"
Width of crown: 7-1/2"

With this information we were able to create the hat on the right.


The Baron Hats Recreation

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