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Black Satin Top Hat

The All Time Classic Touch of Elegance and SophisticationPlease note: The color of your hat ..

$799.00 Ex Tax: $799.00

Collapsible Top Hat (Ultimate Classic)

This is THE ONE you've seen in countless Classic Films! Made exactly as they were over 180 years..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $475.00

Star Dust Top Hat (Dr. Who)

This is a replica of the top hat worn by Matt Smith in the Christmas Carol episode of Dr. Who. ..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

Lincoln Stovepipe

Made to the same exacting specifications of Lincoln's original "Stovepipe"! *In Honor of Steven Spe..

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00

The Butcher (Gangs Of New York)

Inspired by the memorable Grand Supplémentaire-style Top Hat worn by Daniel Day Lewis as "Bill The B..

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00

The Islander (Philippine Straw Hat)

Feel like a real “Island Boss” of your own plantation! Perhaps the only woven straw top hat in the w..

$675.00 Ex Tax: $675.00

The Ringmaster (David Lee Roth)

Inspired by the hat made by Baron Hats for DAVID LEE ROTH on their Van Halen TourBaron is well k..

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00

The Tribute (Catherine Zeta Jones)

Reproduction of the Silver Collapsible Top Hat made by Baron Hats and worn by Catherine Zeta Jones i..

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00