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The Bond (Dr. No)

Inspired by the special English Trilby-style hat worn by Sean Connery in "Dr. No", the classic that ..

$350.00 Ex Tax: $350.00

The Cliffhanger (Indiana Jones)

Inspired by the classic fedora Baron Hats created for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in "The ..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

The Contender (Rocky I - V)

It was a true fairy tale that literally could only happen in Hollywood. A young actor with only..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

The Dillinger (Public Enemies)

Inspired by the hat worn by JOHNNY DEPP as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies""Now nobody get nervous..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

The Mickey (Snatch)

Inspired by the classic "Workman's Fedora" made at Baron Hats studios and worn by Chris ..

$675.00 Ex Tax: $675.00

The 12 Bars (The Blues Brothers)

Inspired by the black stingy brimmed fedora worn by the "The Blues Brothers"12 bars is the sacred mu..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

The Cliffhanger Redux (Indiana Jones)

Inspired by the Fedora worn by Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal S..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

The El Presidente (Manny Paquiao)

Inspired by the hat created by Master Hatter, Mark Mejia, for Legendary Boxer MANNY PAQUIAOHighest Q..

$1,500.00 Ex Tax: $1,500.00

The Entrepreneur (Seabiscuit)

Classic gray Fedora inspired by the hat created at Baron Hat's studio and worn by Jeff Bridges in th..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

The Ghost Cop (Spirit 1940)

Inspired The Comic Book Strip "SPIRIT" The 1940's Ghost CopInspired by cartoonist Will Eis..

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

The Green Bug (Green Hornet 1960)

Inspired by the hat worn by Van Williams as Britt Reid in 1960's The Green Hornet Inspired by..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

The Kolchak (The Night Stalker)

Inspired by the hat worn by Darren McGavin as Kolchak in the Cult TV Series"The Night Stalker"Carl K..

$560.00 Ex Tax: $560.00

The Popeye Doyle (The French Connection)

Inspired by the classic pork pie worn by GENE HACKMAN in "THE FRENCH CONNECTION"“Do you pick your f..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

The RB6 (Rocky 6)

Inspired by the iconic Stingy Brim Fedora created by Baron Hats and worn by Sylvester Stallone as "R..

$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00