guaBaron Hats offers our “Lifetime Guarantee” on specific custom-hand-made-to-order hats, and other hats and merchandise specifically noted to have our “Lifetime Guarantee” Warranty in their order descriptions. Simply purchasing an item which specifies it has this "Lifetime Guarantee" automatically enrolls you in this warranty. There is no need to register.

Our "Special Lifetime Guarantee Warranty" states that if at any point, under normal wear and tear, you want to have your hat repaired, reblocked, or replaced, simply return the hat with a copy of your original invoice or packing slip, and Baron Hats will inspect the hat and determine what method is needed to bring the hat back to its original purchased condition. If the hat has been handled and maintained properly, Baron Hats will repair, re-block, and/or replace the hat at no cost to you.

Shipping costs to Baron Hats Studios is the responsibility of the recipient, and they agree to send the hat with Delivery Confirmation via USPS, UPS or FEDEX, along with the appropriate Insurance (simply figure in the original purchase price of the item). Baron Hats will send you back your repaired or replaced hat, and pay all shipping, confirmation and insurance costs back to you.

The return policy also adheres to the rules as described in our “Care and Feeding of Your Hat”, as well as all terms and conditions as set forth in our Customer Service Agreement, along with additional special instructions that may be provided with your hat, and with all rules, regulations and policies of hat care that are considered standard in the industry. Abuse of these rules may constitute a voiding of our warranties, guarantees, and return policies. These abuses shall include, but not be limited to, alteration of the hat, unauthorized cleaning, either personally or professional of said item, or use of unauthorized solvents or solutions, damage to the hat from sharp object “injury” (i.e.: scissors, knives, pins, etc.), or damage to the hat from bites and tears caused by, but not limited to animals, objects, or acts of God; or from improper storage or handling. In cases where abuse is observed, Baron Hats shall determined the amount of repair required, and how much they are responsible for, and shall contact you before doing said repairs. These decisions are solely based on these rules, and on the decisions and discretion of Baron Hats. All decisions are final.


Mark Mejia 
Owner/ Master Hatter
Baron Hats