Hat Repair And Restoration

Posted by baronhats 06/12/2016 3 Comment(s)

 Every day we receive emails and phone calls from people all over asking if we can repair their hat. This ranges from a cracked leather sweatband to a dog chewed baseball cap. Each hat has a story and we’ve seen a lot of hats in serious condition. Once, a customer sent us his straw hat to replicate because a tractor ran over it. Another time we patched a felt hat that was chewed up by a mountain lion. Half of the crown was missing but the customer didn’t want a new one because his old one had sentimental value. People come in with forgotten hats they found in their basement or attic and bring them in for a cleaning. Often, customers will come in with an old hat that may have belonged to their father or mother and ask we resize it so it can fit them and they can wear it. 




While we can repair and clean most hats our repair process varies per hat. Experience has taught us to look first. We always ask to inspect a hat first before we agree to do the work. Not all hats are made to be repaired. If a hat has a hole it may tear during the re-blocking process. If we change out the binding sometimes the holes from the old stitching won’t take a new needle. Repairing hats is not an exact science but an art form and even the smallest change (like changing a sweatband or hatband) can give an old hat a new life.  

3 Comment(s)

Don Alexander:
03/01/2017, 05:40:24 PM

I have an old Stetson 4x beaver beige/grey old LBJ type hat I am thinking I would like to reshape it I will bring it in and let you look at it but I was wondering if you could give me a general price range Thanks Don AlexanderI live in Burbank and I bought a hat from you at the End of Trail when it was here in Norco

Linda spitzer:
30/05/2017, 05:57:35 PM

I desparetly need a baseball cap repaired for my son. Puppy cheeed on rim and it is soecial yo him. Can I send a picture to determine if you can repair the Tim?

B Mathis:
22/06/2017, 08:23:23 PM

Can you replace the plastic snap/adjuster on back of baseball hat?

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