Hat Size

HatSizing Info - Determine Your Hat Size


To determineyour head (hat) size, measure your head as shown below, using a flexible tapemeasure (one made of plastic or cloth)


1.     Using a TapeMeasure, start at the middle of your forehead.

2.     Measurecircumference of head just above top of ears, as shown below. 

3.     Wrap tape gentlyaround head making certain tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that littlebump in the middle of the back of your head).

4.     Either check thesize in a mirror or have someone check it for you...

5.     Don't pull thetape too tightly or your hat will fit that tightly. 

6.     In other words,the hat should fit "COMFORTABLE" on your head.

7.     In other words,measure EXACTLY how you like wearing your hats. Remember, some people like 'em  tight.... and others like 'emloose!

If youfind that you fall in between 2 sizes... do not choose the larger of thetwo.... INSTEADWRITE DOWN THE EXACT MEASUREMENT IN INCHES!

Measure 2or 3 times to be accurate.

Use thecharts below to determine your size.

If your head size falls in between two sizes we stronglyrecommend that you choose the larger of the two sizes. You’ll find the hat willbe more comfortable.

A small piece of foam behind the sweatband can make a large hatperfect.

Pleasemeasure carefully, we charge for re-shipping...

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