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Inspired by the cap created by
Baron Hats and worn by
SHIA LABEOUF as "Mutt Williams"
"Indiana Jones 4 -
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

Baron Hats is proud of our association with the last "Indy" creation: "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", in which we crafted the cap for Shia LeBeouf for his character of "Mutt Williams".

Since the character rode a motorcycle, the film's costumers had in mind some kind of cap, but were open to any and all suggestions. We had literally hundreds of styles both in the form of photos from our vast production files, and real "live" caps in our store, studio, and inventory warehouse. Many of these caps possess a long history themselves, having been used in classic movies and TV series, worn by rock groups, and seen in commercials and Broadway shows going back almost forty years.

We had also just finished some caps for the George Clooney movie "Leatherheads", which interested them, along with others we crafted for the chic New York company "Barking Iron". However, the one they really seemed to gravitate towards was a classic motorcycle cap of the 1950's, with its "rattlesnake" expandable band, "pillowed" fabric crown, and black leather visor.

With the help of an amazingly talented group of "Indy" costumers, the cap created its own personality, and we've been told that once Shia put it on his head, it "melded" with his character, and they become one! Whether a "melding" actually took place or not, Baron's couldn't be prouder of our contribution to this instant American classic head gear!

In honor of this special collaboration, Baron Hats is offering our own version of the cap which we call "The Rebel".

It is made in our own studios, by hand, with the same pattern and blocks as the original, and is fitted both with a genuine leather visor cut to the original size, and our special self-binding, chrome-plated "Rattlesnake Tail" expandable hatband strap.

We are also offering the cap in sizes to literally fit everyone! From adult sizes, to youth and child sizes, and even a very special "Infant" size, which makes a great gift for a baby shower, or just for something you Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles (both official and honorary), and Godparents would love to give to that treasured "rebel" in your life!

Since adventure spans all ages... and sexes, we recommend this cap for both men and women and boys and girls!

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest. 

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