"The Cliffhanger



Inspired by  the classic fedora Baron Hats created for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in
"The Temple of Doom"

Please note: The color of your hat will be just like the original. However, because of the many variances in computer monitors, the color you see on your screen may be slightly different that the actual custom made hat. Rest assured, you are getting the original hat in the original color!

There's a wonderful story that Founder Eddy Baron love to tell about the origins' of the original Indy Fedora made by Master Hatter Herbert Johnson for the very first movie in the classic series. When Eddy was asked to create the hats for the "Temple of Doom", one of his good friends and customer's, the late great writer-director Joel Oliansky was in his shop, while Eddy was making the hats. He laughed and said: "did you know, I was at the very birth of that hat!". It seems that at the time, Oliansky was preparing to make "The Competition" with Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving. He was at Amy's house to work with her on her part. She was watching a movie with her husband at the time, Steven Spielberg. He was also preparing a movie! He was screening all the classic action-adventure movies for inspiration for his own soon-to-be classic action adventure. They were watching one of the greatest: "Treasure of Sierra Madre". Humphrey Bogart suddenly appeared on the screen, wearing his beat-up very high-crown Fedora. Oliansky said that Steven suddenly stood up and said: "That's it! That's the kind of hat I want him to wear!" And as they say, the rest is history.

Baron actually has a reproduction of Bogart's fedora, along with actual props from the movie at our Hollywood Hat museum. And yes, when you compare Bogie's fedora with the one that Johnson originallycreated, they are definitely "brothers in arms"!

Because this is one of our must sought-after collectors hats (but rugged enough to wear on your own head for years), we offer it with two types of material. The very luxurious 100% Beaver and in hand-brushed Fur Felt. Both are hand-made-to-order to exacting specifications of the original which includes an extra high crown. We call this hat, inspired by the one Eddy made for "Temple", the "Cliffhanger". 

It comes with an engraved leather sweatband, silk-satin lining, our special Lifetime Guarantee, and a personalized numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity. It also is shipped in a custom Baron Hat box suitable for storage. And if you're even in Burbank, CA, drop in and see the Bogie Fedora that started it all!




Chocolate Brown

Felt Quality

100% Dress Weight Fur Felt or 100% 200XXX Beaver




2 3/4"

Hat Band

1 1/2” Special grosgrain ribbon with “gentleman” bow-tie

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest. 

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Our Classic Reproductions hats are custom hand-made-to-order, so please allow approximately EIGHT WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.  If you must have the hat sooner, e-mail us for special Rush Delivery prices and your delivery date needs to: rushorders@baronhats.com



*The "Cliffhanger" is a classic fedora and Baron Hats is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by LucasFilm. Ltd.

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100% Fur Felt
200XXX 100% Beaver

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Fur Felt

100% Beaver

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Interested in having the hat in a different color than the original?
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 All Rights Reserved. "The Cliffhanger" is a classic fedora style as is standard in the hat industry, and Baron Hats is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by LucasFilm. Ltd.
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