Regular and Long Oval


Regular Oval and Long Oval Head Shapes in Hat Blocking

The vast majority of us have heads that are immediately recognized by hatters as being Regular Oval in shape.  Because of this, most crown blocks and brim flanges are Regular Oval and that’s why when you order a hat, the default blocking is Regular Oval.

Some heads are what hatters call Long Ovals. What is the difference? Let’s say two people’s heads both measure 22 inches. They both need the same size hat, but the Long Oval head needs a hat that is longer front to back, and narrower side to side—a longer, narrower oval shape.

How would you know if you have a Long Oval head?

If you put on a stiff Regular Oval hat that fits front to back and feels comfortable on your forehead and the back of your head, then you can probably stick your fingers in the space between your head and the sides of the hat. If you put on a soft Regular Oval hat that fits you, it will conform to the shape of your head and will cause the brim to bulge out on the sides. With some hats, this can look perfectly acceptable, even great. Sometimes, it can look like something is wrong. 

All too often a Baron Hats’ client, not realizing that they’re actually a Long Oval, will endure hats that repeatedly “hump up” when put on.  Rather than them, out of frustration, trying to flatten the brim with an anvil, we greatly encourage them to send the hat to us to re-block it as a Long Oval.

Some people have heads that are described by hatters as being Extra Long Ovals. Although quite rare, we do have processes to create an excellent fit.

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