"The Lincoln Stovepipe"


Made to the same exacting
specifications of
Lincoln's original "Stovepipe"!


*In Honor of Steven Speilberg's Superb Motion Picture and Daniel Day Lewis' Academy Award® worthy performance, Baron Hats is Proud to offer all of our Authentic to the Original Lincoln Stovepipe Top hats at $300 off!


BARON HATS is proud to have been an official Hat Maker for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum l
located in Springfield, Illinois who display our painstakingly authentic reproduction of the "Lincoln Stovepipe" in their Museum. When we were first asked by them to create an exact reproduction, we accepted the challenge with great pride, and spent over six months in extensive and intensive research, along with speaking with the curators of the Smithsonian Institute which had the only known original Lincoln hat on display. 

After much discussion, they were  kind enough to allow Baron's Master Hatter and Owner, Mark Mejia to inspect and measure every detail of the actual hat, so that he could create an exact reproduction.

Therefore our reproduction for the Lincoln Presidential Library could be as true to the original as humanly possible! We now offer this same reproduction to the public, with the same exactly specifications as the original. 

Click here to see Lincoln hat specs acquired from the Smithsonian.



Mr. Howard Wright
Dean of Students, Science Dept. Head
Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT
(photo credit:
David Blodgett
(read about Mr., Wright below)*

Of all the great symbol's of Americana, nothing is more dramatic and instantly recognizable, if not emotional charged as Abraham Lincoln's trademark Stovepipe Hat. It is also our most requested political hat for both the Entertainment Industry, as well as historical establishments, teachers, lecturers and re-enactors, and just "plain folks" throughout the world who have a passion for American History.  

We offer this authentic hat in the exacting dimensions of the original in three materials. 

And according to author Christopher Farnsworth in his recent article in the Los Angeles Times entitled: "Abraham Lincoln, America's First Super Hero?" (
©2012 - Christopher Farnsworth),  Lincoln is poised to become this year's most popular super-star! Two movies are coming out, starring our 16th President: first, an adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (yes, that's right, Vampire Hunter!), and a serious new bio-film of Lincoln by Stephen Spielberg, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. In fact author Farnsworth used Lincoln himself in his own novel "Red, White and Blood", giving advice to our current president from "beyond the grave".

Lincoln has fought alongside Capt. James T. Kirk, and seems to show up any time a movie or TV Series needs a hero when they go "back in time" to save the world. In fact, in one comic book, Lincoln even beat up Hitler! This isn't as crazy has it might sound, only because the real Lincoln, at 6 foot 4 inches (staggeringly tall for the 1800's) and physically strong, had an unlimited supply of "whop-ass", and was known to physically hurly incorrigibles away when they threaten him or his supporters!

There are many theories, of why this tall, lean, soft-spoken man, who today wouldn't stand a chance in a world where outward appearance and "TV Q" holds more weight than brains and soul holds such a top tier place in our American hero worship consciences. Many agree that perhaps the main reason for Lincoln's stature as our greatest president, if not greatest American, is that he was the real thing. A simple man who came from "nothing", and purely with his own intelligence, drive and sheer honesty (yes, real honesty!), became the most powerful man on Earth, and actually saved our country from virtual totally disintegration. And sadly, his martyred end, only sealed him forever in our hearts. Martyrdom seems to be one of the powerful purifications in creating divine immortality, since when such a person is "cut short in their prime" there isn't time for them to hang around long enough to soil their reputation, whether it be real indiscretions, or manufactured, as if there is some kind of unwritten law not to denigrate those who are given a too short exit. 

You can order our "Stovepipe" it in the original  100% 200XXX hand-brushed Long-Haired Beaver, or in a smoother hand-smoothed 100% 200XXX  Beaver, or in a more economical 100% Western Weight Fur Felt. 

All the hats are hand shaped on blocks recreated from the original hat, and come with our special leather sweatband (you can have your name or any message engraved in gold on the sweatband at no extra cost, simply let us know what you want it to say in the Special Instructions" section of the order form), silk-satin liner, our exclusive Baron Hats Lifetime Guarantee, and a very special personalized signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. All the Lincoln Stovepipes are "shadow-black", however we can take special requests if you want them in a different color by e-mailing here. Our Lincoln Stovepipes can be ordered "new", or we can give them a bit of "aging" with our exclusive process. 

The Lincoln Stovepipe Hat
in the  Smithsonian Institute

(as measured, confirmed and authenticated at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.)

Front to rear, inside: 7-3/4"
Side to side, inside: 6-1/2"
Brim from underside, front to rear: 12"
Brim from underside, side to rear: 10-1/2"
Width of brim: 2"
Height of crown:   8 1/2"
Top of crown, front to rear: 7-3/4"
Width of crown: 7-1/2"

Dear Baron Hats,
The Lincoln stovepipe reproduction arrived this morning!  It is fabulous! Very distinguished looking and attractive. I greatly appreciate the workmanship so evident in the making of this hat. Wow! It is truly awesome! I am indebted to your service and quick action to send this hat along to arrive in time for me to present the "entire" ensemble of Lincoln to the 8th graders tomorrow! I have proudly shown it off to many teachers, including our headmistress. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship, service, and desire to help school children learn about history in a creative sort of way. I have taken every opportunity to speak glowingly about you and Baron Hats. Much indebted, My presentation was a big success! I received many accolades from both students, and adults. I had to do a second performance because many didn't want to miss it. Thank you again for creating and mailing the hat in time for last week's performance!
Kind regards,

--Mr. Howard Wright*
Dean of Students, Science Dept. Head
Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT

*Mr. Wright is the Dean of Students at the highly prestigious Renbrook School. He was kind enough to send us photos of himself wearing our Lincoln Stovepipe, along with a wonderful note. One of the big highlights each year at the Renbrook School, is when the students study the Civil War and Mr. Wright gives his much looked-forward-to reenactment of Lincoln's speeches and writings. The Lincoln Stovepipe Hat is essential to giving the performance an almost "magical" reality,  and Mr. Wright, who is a stickler for complete accuracy, and a "Lincoln" scholar, wanted only the best from us. Here is what he said when he received our custom made "Lincoln Stovepipe".

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest. 

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